My Tragic Origin Story

If you’ve arrived on this page, it would seem that you care enough to want to know a bit about this blog, or at least the shadowy cabal  intrepid protagonist disappointingly mediocre underemployed college graduate running it.

Right now, I’m using this space to experiment with science writing and document whatever random natural history observations I happen to make. My primary major in college was in biology, specifically ecology & evolutionary biology. However, I have a variety of interests: I wanted to study entomology in high school, have another degree in classics, and like to write and garden (though I’m not too good at either), so I’m sure I’ll be musing about other subjects too. Now that I’m out of college, my life is currently on hold as I work out how to steer myself out of this purgatory. In the meantime, I figured that I’d pass the time with this blog to showcase my writing, improve my communication skills, possibly awaken some fascination about the natural world in another person, and maybe maintain a sense of control over my life during a time when all of my peers have moved on from school and are making something of themselves…

This suddenly just got a little bit depressing, so I’ll end this here. The hardest part of starting a blog is the commitment, so I hope to make a habit of posting. And I hope that you’ll make a habit of dropping by again!




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